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Retirement, redundancy, preparing for exiting the civil service

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Skills of Civil Servants will be in greater demand by businesses and the third sector as these organisations play a greater role in the delivery of public services. This workshop will help you identify your skill set and show you how to match those skills to a successful second career

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how former civil servants have used their skills and contacts to develop a successful second career
  • Understand how changes in Government policy will create greater demand by recruiters for people with a civil service background
  • Understand the strengths and areas for development in your own skill set
  • Understand the language of third and business sector employers and how to translate it to the language of the civil service
  • Understand how to identify potential work opportunities and act on them


Chair’s Introduction
Life after the Civil Service
Delegates will hear the experiences of a former civil servant who has built a successful second career after the civil service. How they went about developing their new career – success and pit falls.
Government delivery partners
An overview of how the Coalition Government policies are providing opportunities for the third and business sectors to provide public services. How the Mutual’s agenda can provide new opportunities to civil servants. A representative from an organisation delivering government services will discuss their approach and the skills they are looking for in their workforce
Skills Audit
Following a discussion centring on the Civil Service Core Competency Framework and their current job roles, delegates will audit their own skill set. Looking at strengths and how these can be used and clarifying areas for development.
Skills matching
Looking at the description of job roles in the third and business sectors and how these translate to civil service functions. How to translate your civil service experience into business and charity speak.
Using your personal networks
How your personal network can provide you with leads for prospective work.
Review Close

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice